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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Is Canister's death a HOAX???

Reports yesterday which shocked the world of Canister the Robot's death yesterday are now being questioned by authorities in Belgium. Since we brought you the news, social media has been abuzz on how this world conquering icon could have been defeated with so little collateral damage to the city where he was found. "Znot rite. Sidewalk not even burnt up" scribes blogger Simon Oldman. This provocative observation exploded into a full investigation with conspiracy theorists having a field day. Noted extra-terrestrial scientist and consultant for the Belgium military space program Joseph Cavor held a press release in Antwerp where he posed the question "If Canister really was a robot, then why did he leave bones behind when he died?".  So far, there have been no fresh sightings but I say to all of you, KEEP WATCHING THE SKIES!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I for one am sick of all the naysayers who say he is really gone. I say that if he city still stands, so must Canister.