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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Double Vision Dinosaurs

With this week bringing my summer course teaching to a close, we had a successful test of the screening format for the final project next week. The dinosaur themed footage will be projected on film with simultaneously inverted footage projected on video beside it. We had some good success with more colour developing and contact printing. Ken's radical reticulations was rather remarkable. It appears that Canister may make an appearance too. Seven and a half hours for the class might be the right length to do all this, but I was beyond exhausted when I got home (and then headed back out to the Slate opening). I am thinking that if I had a permanent place to run this class, such as an on-campus studio, I would would set up a diorama stage as well as a fixed spot for devices such as the contact printer and I'd save the 2 hours per class in set up and striking. It would also allow me to do a greater number of pick-up sessions, demonstrating a technique or approach on the fly as students approach me. I think about this because this analog film course has been the most equipment heavy of my career here. Lots of fun though; hope I can repeat it some time.

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