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Friday, June 5, 2015

One Take Super 8 Event in Regina

Great One Take night!!! I think the quality of this set was quite outstanding. Dianne Ouellette's "Saddest Dinosaur" began the show and it was very fun and certainly set tone for a hang-loose, enjoy the show, everything is possible sort of deal. Other highlights included Chrystene Ells/Berny Hi's piece on the broken (and sliced up and burned) heart which combined great sculptural crafting along with pixelation and good writing. Eric Hill did an interactive piece with people needing to respond with music in the audience (although the colour stock we were using didn't register green very well). Ian Campbell did a very psychodelic thing with a huge black and white drawing and a performer also in a drawing/costume - tipping off the odd scale into the cool-and-must-be-watched category. Colby Richardson and Amber Phelps Bondaroff both created astonishing live soundtracks during their films. Gord Pepper did a loose but very emotionally powerful homage to his father. Mike Rollo's study of his garage window was beautiful and haunting. Of course, I was very nervous about my own film and William's. It is always great to go early in the program so you don't stay nervous. William was second (after Dianne) and his was a great hit. The audience laughed and the story and images made enough sense. Huge congratulations to him. My film, which I had come to be more nervous with each passing minute, was in the middle of the program. It was in focus and exposed properly. As I had to change cameras at the last minute, I had to stay on automatic exposure which had some attractive side effects. I'm very happy with how it turned out.

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