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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Terrible (Lizard) Film Festival?

The tech, once we had everything in place (thanks Caleb) went seamlessly last night as we premiered "Defying Extinction: an analog dinosaur film" in my backyard to a small, and slightly intoxicated, audience. The sky was entirely blue by the time everyone arrived, only three hours after the hail storm (see yesterday's blog). The only problem the downfall gave us was that the ground was wet and no one could sit on the grass. The 51 minute film, all hand processed and splice together only 8 hours earlier, did not break or even chatter in the gate as it played uninterrupted on one screen. An old digital 8 video camera pointed at the screen with a negative effect turned on so that we could feed a flipped video version into a video projector to screen simultaneously on a second screen. Viewers had the choice of which image to look at. I'm thinking that I might have enough old film to do this course again. This was a hugely exciting (but exhausting) course that I will certainly return to in the future (52 contact hours over 7 weeks and it wasn't enough). Thank you Margaret and William for hosting and helping get the whole space working and welcoming. Great working with Ken Wilson, Dianne Ouellette, An An, and Rania Al Harthi - thanks to you all. 

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