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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Reading on a smoky day

Huge fires up north have blanketed the city in smoke. Other than a couple of errands, I was able to bunker into the house and read today. This is the end of six months I've committed to reading (my new years resolution to read at least 10 pages of film/art books per day). I completed these 11 books and also read a few other articles: 
1.       Illusions in Motion by Erkki Huhtamo
2.       Pervasive Animation edited by Suzanne Duchan
3.       Photography Beyond Technique edited by Tom Persinger
4.       Mining the Home Movie; excavations in histories and memories edited by Karen Ishizuka and Patricia Zimmermann.
5.       Funny Pictures; animation and comedy in studio-era Hollywood edited by Daniel Goldmark and Charlie Keil
6.       Jubilee Book; essays on amateur film, Inedits, 1997
7.       Fantastic Voyages of the Cinematic Imagination: Georges Melies’s Trip To The Moon edited by Matthew Solomon
8.       Lovers of Cinema: the first American Film Avant-Garde, 1919-1945 edited by Jan-Christopher Horak
9.       Media Archeology edited by Erkki Huhtamo and Jussi Parikka
10.   A Geology of Media by Jussi Parikka
11.   The Great Art of Light and Shadow (Archaeology of the Cinema) by Laurent Mannoni

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