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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Last film processed for dinosaur film

While classes ended last week, we met for a short session today (only 6 1/2 hours!?) to develop the last 1000 feet of film we'd shot. Most of it went well. Ken had the surprising news that he'd successfully developed colour negative film as black and white positive using the Dektol developer. Dianne decided to use the Dektol (which is a paper developer and I rarely use it, even though it is popular at the Film Farm) to develop her last roll of colour film as black and white negative. The results were a mysterious disaster. There was a very clear latent image but the film remained entirely opaque. Even once it was dry, no light would pass through it, making the highly evident image confusingly out of reach. I considered the idea that by skipping the wash in borax that the other colour rolls had may have messed it up. After an hour of soaking, there was no change. I wondered if the fix was worn out so I re-immersed it in fix but that also had no affect. Finally I put it into bleach for a second (nothing) then five seconds (mostly nothing) then fifteen seconds ---- BINGO!! The test piece was successful so I put the whole roll in and we ended up with a strangely solarized project (see gif of Caleb above).

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