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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Make myself useful

I had hoped to make good use of my C41 chemistry (36 hours old) before it depleted. I took all of the film shot with William on Friday and processed it. The session went poorly with undergrads turning on the safe lights in mid session (I'd been under the impression that they were finished, but apparently they have another few days in the darkroom, coinciding with the few days the grad students need the darkroom). That probably didn't make much difference because it appears that one should never used C41 chemistry working solutions after the day they are mixed. This is seriously wasteful and I wish I knew how to remedy it. The chemistry is not readily available and I have only one kit left.
I made myself useful for the rest of the day, helping William trim down a video he made with his friend Griffin in the spring, cutting it from 21 minutes down to 10 and adding some much needed Nixon and Hitler (see link above). We then went to supper at my parents' where I hung a planter for mom on the balcony and barbecued for them. 

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