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Saturday, August 1, 2015

1920s Ogema Train "rum runner tour" robbery with photos

We rode the Ogema train, were robbed at gun point by Bonnie and Clyde, and dined with fine Italian food at a church-turned-speakeasy, The eight of us were the only ones, other than the cast, to have donned appropriate attire, but that was fine since we were together and had a great time. Gertrud and Fred appreciated discovering views of the province unavailable from the roads. William played his harmonica to the delight of at least one passanger who requested more. At the last minute I found my bolo tie (with a real old silver dollar) for George to convert his "hat" into a "wardrobe". The ride was fun with a great breeze breaking the late afternoon heat. As we pulled back into Ogema at 9pm (the entire event taking 4 hours), the sun was dipping towards the horizon.

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Berny Hi said...

My my. Very dapper, indeed!