Saturday, August 29, 2015

Backyard BBQ with Leslea, Leif, George, and all the girls

Leslea and Leif are in town for a few days with the girls, working on the restaurant program and visiting. I made ribs and chicken and we had a nice backyard thing. Chris Cunningham also came over. I don't believe he's ever been to our house; it was great to see him. George and  Kiki were also over, as were Margaret's parents and Paul. Joanne McDonald also dropped in, in part to talk to George about some Blue Jays commercial. We reminisced about jello. All in all, a big feast. Leslea's dog chased Nick. As it was dark, I didn't really get a sense of his response, other than running. This is the first Nick/dog encounter that we've observed. 

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