Thursday, May 23, 2019

William in the YAAG

William presented the set of images which constituted his primary "depth" component of his AP Art project publically in the Yellow Argyle Art Garage today as part of the Cathedral Festival pop up gallery tour. Over the three hours, he stayed mute and just drew on an overhead, sometimes doing portraits, sometimes just drawing. Lots of people came. Great to see Berny Hi, Chrystene Ells, Sean Whalley, Doug Townsend, Gail Chin, Steve Wolfson, Penny Ward and grandkids, Rania Al Harthi, Allan Dotson, Matt Ripplinger, Barbara Tomporowski, Jeannie and Ed, Gerri Ann Siwek, Paul Grzesina, Ian Campbell, a Bjerke collective, Lara Quinton and entourage, Sunny Adams and entourage,  my parents, Margaret's mom, and many others.  Thanks to everyone who came by and made this such a worthwhile event for William

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