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Friday, December 12, 2008

Filmpool Christmas Party

I stayed home all day grading (didn't finish yet, even though I'd hoped to) and this evening we went to the Filmpool Christmas party. We worked on Christmas cards when we got home, that is until I checked my email. I'm thinking that email servers should all me shut down on Friday at 5 and rebooted on Monday morning. No good comes of checking email on the weekend, since email never contains anything to make you relax or feel better about life. It generally contains reminders and complaints; I know since that's pretty much all I use it for. In any case, my email has me all in a knot and unable to pass on holiday cheer in my letters. All that's left for me is Blog griping.

In Medicine Hat a few weeks ago, we saw some guys demoing remote control cars in the mall. They came with rechargable batteries and a charger, a value of $35 they claimed, and the car and batteries was on sale, two days only, down from $120 to only 70, of which half was the value of the batteries. I noticed that the unit was made in China and had a warning not to overcharge the batteries (I've never encountered that before, so it worried me). Anyways, Margaret found one of these cars, sans batteries, at Office Depot today fore $10. William raced it around the party this evening, it was lots of fun.

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