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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

last week of classes

Today I taught the last day of my directing course. It went pretty well, they all (but two) showed the edited versions of the in-class exercises they shot a few weeks ago. They each had a page or two from a script I wrote back in grad school. No one went too crazy stylistically, but it was surprising how different in tone each was. The changes in actors and direction, compounded by the fact that the students didn't have a clear idea of the overall arc of the story, led to radical differences such as the primary character being lazy/lethargic in one, then manic in the next, then nearly insane in others.
The Filmpool had it's steak night fundraiser tonight. I bought tickets without thinking that I couldn't go. Margaret went with a friend, Paul stayed with William (it was a no minors event).

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