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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I suppose today was a work day. William is home from school and I didn't actually leave the house, but Chrystene came over and we discussed her film for a few hours. It was mostly me catching up on stuff she's been doing, there's still lots of process left to juggle. William and I built Bionicles all evening while listening to podcasts of Stewart McLean Vinyl Cafe stories. William biuilt Gadunka almost entirely by himself. After Margaret got home from work, William decided he wanted to learn to do cartwheels. Margaret told him he had to eat his apple and go to bed, so he combined the events and did cartwheels while eating his apple. I'm not sure exactly what happened except a cry of anquish (not a scream of pain) and William coming to tell me about a sore tooth. He went to show it to Margaret, wiggled it, and pulled it out! First tooth to be lost in many months. He wrote a long letter to the tooth fairy, taking until at least 10:30. After he was in bed, we wrapped and built Bionicles.

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