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Sunday, December 14, 2008


Super cold today, took William to an old friend of his from last year who is going to a different school now. William really misses him, they were closest friends. I did some shopping, the stores were nearly empty as no one in their right mind went out. This afternoon Margaret worked so I took William to the Royal Saskatchewan Museum Christmas party. Again, almost empty. We got to have cider and sit anywhere. We had supper with Patrick Lowe, the Winnipeg animator and old friend of mine, today. I had to apologize for letting William play on the rewinds and disturbing his materials during the Filmpool Christmas party the other night. Instead of asking how I'd heard about the issue, Patrick just said it was no big deal (not what I heard) and immediately went on to explain how he was more concerned about how late he worked last night and how he's not finished his project, etc. His ramble derailed my intention to scold him for leaving elements out in the first place, since I've been letting William use that rewind table since he could stand. I never got back to the topic. We came home early (Patrick was very tired and William was melting down from having lots of root beer and very little curry for supper) and we decorated the tree a bit. More grading not; I can't seem to quite get it done.

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