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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

William's performance

Meetings and stuff at work all day - was cold and windy so I was glad to stay there for lunch. One nice event: I thought I'd have to go through a bunch of process to switch fourth year "directing the experimental film"course from being a temporary selected topics course to being a permanent catalogued course. I'd submitted all the paperwork while I was on sabbatical but was told it hadn't been done. However, I hadn't double checked because, in fact, it had gone through and I narrowly missed having to do all the paperwork and process again. Next fall I will be teaching the newly named Film 412, rather than the awkward Film 486AD.
This evening began with William's last day of acting class as the Globe Theatre. See clip below:

Later we stopped in at a Christmas party thing. The internet seems sluggish and I've been having a hard time sending a photo to Mauricio for him to use in the authoring of the End of Life workshop dvd that I need for Saskatoon on Friday.

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