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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

is it clear?

I was writing some memo-like documents yesterday and got thinking about transparency. This is the "new" word to use as your demand to know everyone else s secrets. If you want to know how much the budget is for other units in your business/organization or the reason one person was hired and another wasn't, or how much your boss spends on lunch, you say that the information must be shared in the interest of transparency. No boss dares to say that they don't want transparency, since it is supposed to be good and democratic, but I doubt that one in a hundred bosses really do want transparency, except in cases where they can use it as a tool. Everyone says that they want transparecy because the opposite of it is is believed to be blindness and ignorance. However, once the floodgates of transparency are opened, then each person has the responsibiltiy of actively studying and assiting with all of the information they are given. With great information comes great amount of responsing. Transparency is intellectual nudism.

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