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Sunday, December 7, 2008


We went to the MacKenzie Art Gallery Christmas party this afternoon. Lee Henderson's new installation was open, he'd modified a WII game player to be a paint brush that triggered layers of audio when you brushed. The sound was a bit dense and difficult to discern the layers, I didn't use it long enough to figure out if it gets much denser than it was. I wish there was some sort of reset switch so you can start with a "fresh slate". Maybe there was, I missed his talk so might have been overlooking such details. Santa was there with Mrs. Claus, William got to sit on his knee. His letter went off to the north pole yesterday, so Santa hasn't received it yet.
Coffeed with Kevin this evening, it'd been a month and we had lots to catch up on. The coffee shop you usually frequent was closed for a staff meeting so we ended up at Tim Horton's. Cheaper but less comfortable. I was too sugared up from the MacKenzie party to want to eat any of their skanky donuts. Kevin bought a new SUV.

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