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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Canada Day

This morning we worried about the fish. The two goldfish were sitting on the bottom, pushing their heads into the corner. We'd separated out the suckerfish but I was worried he would starve in his small container. The master feeds store was open at eleven so William and I went there and bought the medicine for "ich", the disease that causes their spots, as well as some high protein food and some new water conditioner. We dosed him and then went out to Regina Beach to spend the day with Jerry Ann, Steve, Linda, Shawn, Jake, and Cohen. We had a great time. We picked up a few algae covered rocks from the lake for the fish. I forgot to bring my camera. Home again and after a quick nap, we re-embarked to the park, picking up Paul on the way, and watched some very good fireworks. The fish are now back in the same aquarium and seem to be doing well, swimming and doing normal fish stuff.

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