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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I spent the day cleaning the "cottage" in preparation of painting it. My last hour was spent scraping dirt and old grain out of the grooves in the floorboards. All the day I fretted about the fish and how to break it to William. I ate lots of chocolate and listened to the B-52s with the cd player powered by my solar collector battery. This kept up my spirits. Luckily William had a really good time with his music camp and is excited to return. We broke the news to him after supper, he's always in better control of his emotions after he's eaten. He took it fairly well but was sad and wrote a card to his friend "T" who is the owner of the fish. I watched a few episodes of "Get Smart" with him after supper as well. I bought season 1 last week and he really loves it.

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