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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Modern recording

This afternoon I recorded three tracks of music for my Modern film project. I've deviated from the initial plan of always working with an audience; it has become imperative that I get this done and I DO have access to a great recording studio so why not use it? My first was with visiting audio artist Freida Abtan. We got behind schedule due to our crazed search for the right connectors to get the signals from her computer into my recorder, but once done it was dream. The second was a collaboration between Erin Gee and Freida Abtan with Erin doing physical sounds (voice, bells, xylophone, etc) and Freida sampling from those sounds and live mixing it with her own recordings. The third was with Patrick Johnson; he did vocalizations and "breathing" with a harmonium (looks like an acordian). He was being very Tom Waites or Captain Beefheart like. Great day but very tiring.

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