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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I met with Janine this morning, looked at three videos she's been working on. Coming along well. Her newest one finally has good form but, for the first time in her history of this documentary project about her turbulent family history, it lacks drama. She'll work it back in.
This afternoon I painted the south side of the house, I like it.
The fish were seeming sicker than usual to me, hiding in the corner with their fins folded in. We got a new siphon which pulls water from the bottom, rattles the gravel around, and basically pulls water out with an emphasis on pulling dirty gunk off the bottom. I had a panic attack a few minutes ago, remembering that the last time I looked at them they were still in the corner and were appearing to be having seizures. I just checked, they have their fins out and actually appear happy. Perhaps they've turned the corner.

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