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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Something fishy

William wonders how can something be "New and improved"? You can improve something that is old but why is something that is new already improved? I concur. If something new already requires improvements, then obviously it was not a well thought out or tested product.

Last night when we got home from fireworks, the goldfish looked very happy; their fins were out and they were swimming around. We re-introduced the sucker fish into the goldfish. Multiple people had assured us that the sucker fish would not have attacked the goldfish and that the likely culprit was the other goldfish. This morning the fish still looked fine by later in the morning the goldfish had resumed their new habit of hiding in the corner. Then at lunch we actually witnessed the sucker fish chasing the goldfish and trying to bite it! We removed him and I took him back to the store. Apparently they are nocturnal and if they get more than 6 hours of light in the day they might start going crazy. We swapped him for a very cute little catfish that William has named "Kidder". The fish are significantly more happy and relaxed now. In this video, shot just a few minutes ago, the catfish seems to be sleeping but he was very lively earlier - sniffing around the bottom like an excited puppy. You can see the the damage to the larger fish's tail (Big Gil).

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