Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day

William woke us up at 5:30 this morning. While he managed to get back to sleep quite quickly, I didn't. I managed to catch another hour before getting up and preparing waffles for Christmas morning breakfast. Margaret had laid out the china plates ahead of time so we felt like we were starting a new tradition of not rushing to the gift openings.
We had a very pleasant morning. Santa brought William a metal sculpture he'd been wanting. He was also very happy to get the Minecraft t-shirt I found last week at Tramps.
 Another of William's favorite gifts was a new, very warm sleeping bag. He wants to live it in now. Margaret appears very much in the spirit of the doom book William picked out for her. I received an excellent wool and leather hat with ear flaps from New Zealand which was almost too warm for the -40 weather we had today.
 This evening we had supper with my parents. My sister got William his first appliance, a magic bullet mixer. Again, he has been really happy with every gift that has come his way. Amazing and imaginative items of so many varieties. 

Sean Taylor and WIlliam upon opening Green Hornet graphic novel.
 Leesa and Daniel also came for supper. The boys reconnected very well, having not really spent much time together in the past year or two. A good evening, although I have to admit that the early morning was really catching up on me and I'm collapsing.

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