Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sleeping Man Walking

Don't go into the light little fish, you are much too young.
I woke up at 3:00 am, haunted by the many tiny deadlines I have this week. Unable to actually do anything about any of them, I thought I'd relax by going downstairs to watch my new fish for a spell. However, one of them was lying on the bottom doing nothing. Was is dead? Killed by the same event that killed my other two? No, it was just sleeping, but it made me feel increasingly angry and uneasy (a bad combination). I went back upstairs and typed on a side project for a couple of hours until at 5:30 Margaret made coffee and we both went back to sleep (no, it was not decaf, I cannot explain this). Suffice to say, I felt like a wreck at my meetings today but managed to put in a couple of hours on Sockvile at the end. Also shipped off a new video, "MNDR" to a gallery in Romania who invited me to participate in a project. You just can't turn down mysterious Romanians, even when they intrude on your other deadlines. Baked some ginger snaps for William's school carnival tomorrow while Margaret was out at a work meeting. Now, before the last bits of whatever is keeping me going wears out, I have a couple of references letters to write. 

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