Thursday, December 20, 2012

New red Camera (Scarlet?)

Yesterday I purchased a new point and shoot camera to carry around in my pocket to replace the now-malfunctioning red Canon camera I have been using for a few years (was dropped in August and now doesn't shoot video). The new one, a Canon Elph 520, has an impressive 12x optical zoom, quite amazing for something this small. Unfortunately it does not have the new wifi capabilities which some of the other Canons have. Also, Canon has changed its battery style once again, meaning the three chargers I have will not work for it. Furthermore, to save space or something, they have moved to a micro-sd card which are really difficult for my fingers to handle. My filing system for my photos is based on month and camera, but I never use model numbers but rather I call the cameras blue or red or slr. Now with a second red camera, I'll need to fix this. Perhaps I'll call it my "scarlet". 

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