Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Film shipped for transfer

Today I have a rather fast tour of the department to the Media School from Saskatoon (mostly grade 11 students). I think that used the last of my waning strength because I came home to work on my syllabi and just collapsed and couldn't work or even attend my faculty meeting. After a two hour nap, I got up, finished packaging up my film, and shipped all 4800 feet of it to Frame Discreet in Toronto for 2k transfers.
This evening we went to the legislature and saw the unveiling of the work created by Allan Dotson and the other 100th anniversary legislature artist in residents. Nice event, tea from cups and that sort of thing even though William was having one of those kid-evenings where he was too bored to contain himself.
Afterwards I coached William through the editing of his class bullying psa and only then did I get to work on my syllabi. Finished one. The remaining two will have to wait for morning. 

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Berny Hi said...

Oh man! 4800 feet!
That's going to be awesome to get back. Would love to see some of it.