Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saturday doesn't slow down

Dad got out of the hospital today. That was the first night he'd spent in a hospital in about 65 years and I think he found the experience excruciatingly boring. When I visited him this afternoon, he couldn't believe it was only 3:00, the time was moving so slowly.
I purchased a new 40 inch Sony tv for my exhibition at the MacKenzie next month. I also sent my super-8 film "The Amazing Marshmallow House" to the $100 Film Festival. I had coffee with mom at her church bazzare and bought a few books from the sale. William played at his friend Rowan's house all day and they they invented a role playing game based in the Minecraft world. Margaret had an artist trading cards session at the MacKenzie all afternoon. We went out to the Creative City Christmas party and saw work by Jess Richter. Got the car stuck in front of the house at the end of it all and had to dig for fifteen minutes to clear the snow for future parking. We were all pretty tired so it was good to get home relatively early.
Jess Richter at Creative City Centre, Regina, 2012

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