Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Tree

Today we set up the Christmas tree. William did a lot more of the work than previous years. We switched locations for the tree to beside the stairs instead of by the south window because of the new desk. I think this is a better place. I believe we decided not to put it there because we were worried that baby William would reach it from the stairs, but perhaps I'm making up a fictitious history (those are the only histories that actually make any sense).
I had a headache all night which caused me to have odd dreams such as one in which I thought I needed to stay up all night so I was drinking lots of coffee. I started pouring a new cup but the smell and the sound of it pouring made me sick to my stomach and I had to run to the sink in fear of vomiting. I woke up and got up but was surprised to NOT feel sick (the headache was slowly rising and didn't bother me that much by then). Today I worked at home. I submitted my revised syllabi and painted a puppet for my small town story and began on my Mondrian video which needs to be done next Friday. William was off school. 

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