Friday, July 25, 2014

Big party on farm with fireworks

George bought an ungodly amount of fireworks this summer. With only 36 hours remaining in his daughters' visit, it was now or never to set them off. He hosted a grand party at the farm, smoking ribs and bbqing sausage, corn, and other great stuff. The only thing he asked me to bring was lemonade. I was going to just mix up this container of it from the freezer and then looked at the ingredients. I've never seen glucose-fructose as the first ingredient on a product before. I dumped it and made something else.
For an appetizer, I ran past the Chinese Bakery for steamed buns. The storm last night made a mess of the already derelict next door space. It didn't appear to affect them. The buns were all consumed in the first hour we were there, along with the rice krispie cake. 
Once out on the farm, my first time there this year, I swept out the "cottage" which had kept fairly clean since my last trip (one dead mouse and a bunch of moths). Spent a few minutes in a hammock but otherwise hung out with everyone else in or around George's new trailer. 
The kids all took turns with the new 1953 tractor. William drove for the first time. It has two brakes, one for each side. There were no mishaps with that tractor, but the riding mower was introduced to George's truck in an unexpected way. 
The fireworks were all arranged according to some suggested plan/map. The only thing that didn't go perfectly was the lack of a reliable torch, resulting in some delays between launches. 

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