Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Power outage and cable problems

1953 John Deer tractor
I'm writing this four days after the posted date of Thursday because I continue to have only intermittent internet access at home. There is someone coming to investigate/repair it tomorrow. I was on the phone three times before someone felt that it might be on their end. As I've had problems with every computer/device in the house at different times (or at the same time) and had trouble even when I disconnected the router and ran the cable direct, and have also changed every network cable that I could, I am left with few options. The girls went to the farm today to do various errands and to suprise Fred with old tractor George bought on the weekend (if it really was July 24, I'd not be writing this, but as it isn't, there is no longer a surprise to spoil). I picked up the damaged camera from repair (half the purchase price, but I liked it so it was worth it). 

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