Friday, July 11, 2014

teeth and art

 Morning: went to MacKenzie Art Gallery. Mary Pratt exhibition is amazing. Also took a look at the Artist Trading Cards on display. Having missed the opening for the ATC, I didn't get to discuss the three dimensional aspects of my cards. However, my cards are displayed to not only not show that they are stereoscopic, but are sideways and don't show the text panels with the narrative. They feature my Canister the Robot character. I just updated my website for him.
Rushed away from gallery to get to my emergency dentist appointment. They puttied me shut and I have a crown appointment next month. 
 Went to some of New Dance Horizons' Secret Garden Tour. At the NDH office, there was art for sale and I purchased a 1981 Erica Grimm-Vance etching that I rather liked.

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