Saturday, July 5, 2014

Wolseley Drive-In Movie

Last night I went with George, William and the girls to the Twilite Drive In at Wolseley. It is about an hour drive east of Regina. George drove us all in the truck, leaving Margaret home to attend all of the art gallery openings (my regrets for missing these, Dunlop and MacKenzie).
Opera House in Wolseley, Saskatchewan
Canada Cafe in Wolseley
The only flood problems along the way were right at Wolseley where the highway had a collapse and has a road crew working hard to fix it (closed to one lane for a couple of hundred metres).
 We got there early enough to see the sights of the town including the suspension bridge and the damages from flooding. We ordered too much food at the Canada Cafe, which was too good to leave behind (it's in my frig for lunch today). X Men, for the second time was good (Time In a Bottle is worth the ticket price alone) but insect spray was beyond a must. Even though I was covered by a thick swath of it, mosquitoes buzzed my face constantly,  The drive back put us home at 1 am, William was barely awake and the girls were both out cold. George feels he'd rather have camped the night. Next time perhaps. 

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