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Thursday, September 27, 2007


Wednesday September 26, 2007

I'm in Victoria with no computer so this entry is a day late. I screened my film "A Spin in Turtle Park (after John Porter's Cinefuge)" at Open Space as part of the Antimatter Film Festival. It was a good crowd. Deborah, the director, saw me on the street and called my name, having recognised me from my previous films, primarily from the Toxic series. Also met Heather Harkins from Halifax and had a great conversation. She was also showing a super-8 film, just before mine. She's on ruite to the IMMA conference in Montreal - I don't exactly know how Victoria comes between Halifax and Montreal, but the world is always changing.

I finished Douglas Coupland's "JPod" novel on the plane. First novel I've read in over a year, quite liked it.

The hotel I'm in (Huntington) is posh. I've got a balcony and can see the ocean.

Margaret tells me that Keith Calhoon has put her radio show on hold for not talking up the pledge drive enough during her really important interview with Joe Fafard yesterday. If anyone is tempted to make a pledge this week, I'd do it only under the condition that Keith retract his hold on her show.

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