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Monday, September 10, 2007

half gross

A couple people reading this blog have commented that I seem to do something different every day, and I suppose I do. Today I spent the morning shooting film and the afternoon running errands, this is probably as close to being an average day as I might expect to have. I turned the attention of the camera to Regina, shooting a couple of buildings that I had been thinking about. The Saskatchewan Wheat Pool, which recently merged with Agricore to become "Viterra", which sounds like some snake-oil energy drink. Their old building on Victoria and Albert got a new sign on top but I thought the newspaper said that the older sign set into the stone itself would remain, but it did not. There is no longer any sign saying "Wheat Pool", very disappointing. For years, people have always identified and remembered the name Filmpool as being the definitively Saskatchewan film co-op due to the association with Wheat Pool. Perhaps that is why I've had a fondness for it.

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