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Sunday, September 16, 2007

broken record

I was asked by Felipe Diaz the other day if I'd be the quizmaster for the 50-104 film festival awards evening, which was tonight, and to come up with questions that might be judged not by the right answer, but by the best answer, so I came up with this list of questions.

1. Bruce McDonald, where did he sleep during production of Road Kill?

2. Arthur Lipsett worked for the NFB throughout the 1960s but left in 1970. He returned for short while in 1978 but did not stay long. What was the primary reason the Arthur Lipsett used in his written letter of resignation from the NFB to producer Bobn Verral in 1978 for leaving the

3. Before he was a cylon on Battlestar Galactica, Callum Keith Rennie starring in what film by Michael Hoolboom, and what was the subject matter of that film?

4. Whose visit to Regina in 1998 has been credited for inspiring the creation of the One Take Super 8 event?

5. What did Guy Maddin use as a soundstage for the production of his third feature film, “Careful”?

6. Before his series “Wapos Bay” had the support of the NFB, SCN, and APTN, Dennis Jackson shot a student film that acted as the pilot for the series. Where was this pilot shot?

7. What year, or years, was “The Adventure of Faustus Bidgood” made and what the significance of its completion to Newfoundland?

8. What did David Cronenberg study in university and what, if anything, did he graduate with a degree in?

9. Brad Castor, director of “Get a Job”, and Cordel Barker, director of “The Cat Came Back” worked together in their early careers as animators making short interstitials for Sesame Street and created weekly televisions commercials for what company

10. What years did Jean Oser live in Regina?

Tie breaker: What is Felipe Diaz’s chosen porn name?.

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