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Saturday, September 1, 2007

one one one one one one

We went to Regina Beach today, an exhibition of photographs and paintings by Pat Close opened at the Last Mountain Lake Cultural Centre today. William was the first to write in the visitor log, saying "I like the details" which were, as in all of Pat's photographic work, amazing. The show was work created while at a residency in the Yukon with landscape in change being the principle subject matter. Margaret will be talking to him on her radio show on Wednesday and this was our only chance to see the exhibition before then, as it is closed the rest of the weekend. After lunch at the marvelous Blue Bird Cafe (fish and hamburgers) during which I was shooting time exposures of the iconic front of the building through my car window, we went to the beach. We expected it to be unpleasant as the wind was very very strong, but it ended up being really nice. We went out into the water where the wind sprayed water at us, but back on the beach we could relax. I finished reading Splice Magazine, the Filmpool's publication that arrived yesterday while lying there. I am embarrassingly over-represented in this special 30th anniversary issue as I wrote a review of Dianne Ouellette's films (3 pages), a response to Nora Gardener's article on art and industry (one page and a large photo of me), there is a tiny photo of me in a collage page about the anniversary party, and a large photo of me toasting with Patrick Lowe within an article he wrote. On top of that, I have a 2 minute video in the free dvd that is included with every copy of the magazine; "The Repeating Game" which features voice and piano by William. Look for it where ever free stuff is sold.

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