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Sunday, September 9, 2007

tenor Pavarotti dies

We went out to the farm and I shot another ghost sequence, this time of harvesting potatoes. I'm still only guessing about what this footage will look like since I've not taken any time to go into the darkroom and develop footage yet. Occasionally I get worried, but as I've got no deadlines looming, the stress level remains low. We went to Dysart again, to the great coffee shop, and I filmed some of the animal skulls they have decorating the place. When I talked to the owner about it, he got all excited and got me out three skulls he'd just received including a Texas Long Horn with a lot of the skin/hair still attached. I shot two rolls of black and white film of them, probably for on of the other "Grain" films that I've not figured out yet. A good day.

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