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Saturday, September 29, 2007

when G met M

So I was standing in the rain and Tanya rode by, as if on cue, but perhaps I should begin earlier...

Began today with a trip out to Mountain Equipment Co-op to buy William a new coat. While the name says it all, I was suddenly surprised that it actually WAS a co-op and as such, served its members. You buy in for life (does everyone who is a member of a film co-op across the country know that once they join, they can vote until such time that their membership is specifically revoked? Filmpool began a policy a few years ago to send people letters at some point after their dues with a few months late to remove them from the membership, but these each needed to be voted on by the Board of Directors. Anyway, I got pretty tired of walking around Victoria so I checked out of the hotel at 10:55 and asked if they could call the airport bus. The bus said they could come at 11:05, and they did. I therefore got to the airport before noon for my 2pm flight. As the check in person was not busy, she started looking for the best seat for me to stretch out and then asked if I'd prefer to be on the 1:00 flight, I agreed and before I knew it I was munching peanuts (honey roasted, my own purchase, nothing was given on the flight) and soaring over Georgia Straight. Instead of an expensive cab or slow bus, I caught the quick Vancouver airport bus, about to leave, and got to the Sky-Train and scooted towards Burnaby. The instructions I had became unclear once I was off the train and walking "past the big high-rises" of which there were more than one (more than 5) so I was standing in the rain and a bicycle with a familiar rider nearly passed me by and I yelled out "Tanya".

We're vegging out and watching a movie tonight. Doug just got back in, he was in (ironically) Victoria for the past day going to the big museum (which I still didn't go to as it was 24 dollars).

I did other stuff yesterday but I can't remember right now.

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