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Thursday, October 11, 2007


This morning Margaret's cousin, John Bessai, and his wife Joan Prowse arrived and are staying with us for a couple of days. They are here to launch their new documentary/biography about Buffy Sainte-Marie. There was a kerfuffle about the event, taking place tomorrow night at the CBC, since SCN's attachment to the event almost led to it being canceled due to SCN being a crown corp and the election was announced last night. They finally determined that as it is their company, and not SCN, that is hosting the party, all is fine. Buffy's whole family will be here, so it's a cool opportunity.

I took them to the train club at the Sherwood mall, which was naturally closed. This followed a conversation from this morning about toys kids don't have anymore such as the electric slot race cars and model trains, and that someone they know in Toronto has rented mall space to sell remote control cars and supply buyers with an on-site race track for them to compete on. Sherwood is a really dead mall, but for the Co-op grocery which has the best donuts in the city. Other mall occupants appreciate the train club (even though they are never open) as it gives the mall more life than if the place was vacant.

I also took them to the MacKenzie Art Gallery and we saw the amazing Joe Fafard retrospective. I can't even describe how good it was, just go! It's open until the end of the year.

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