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Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Starting to catch up on TV. Last night I watched the first two episodes of "Chuck". This is a perverse reversal of the 1969 Disney film "The Computer who wore Tennis Shoes" with Kurt Russell. Both use the same idea of a young man accidentally having all of the knowledge and computational ability of a super-computer. In the 1969 film, the character shares his secret with his hippie friends as they try to hide from, and even subvert, the establishment. In "Chuck", the situation differs in that the title character trusts only the militaristic government agents and keeps his ability a secret from his slacker friends and sister, whose lives appear to be irrelevant and trivial. While the show takes on the guise of power reversal, giving a civilian some influence within the arena of the CIA, a comparison of the two shows demonstrates how far the USA has wholeheartedly and unabashedly fallen into the right wing ideology. It cannot even be as subversive as a B-grade 1969 Disney film.

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