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Thursday, October 4, 2007


I sort of knew going into today that I wouldn't really accomplish anything. I wish I could have just resigned myself to that at the beginning, I would have felt a lot better. Basically, I went into the edit room to get some editing done on the dance with Tanya Dahms I shot with June Madeley a few months ago. However, before I could start I had to sort out a glitch in the dvd authoring (Kalyn and I never solved it but it seems better after re-installing it) and I have been having sluggish response from the Avid even though it is a new machine and newest software, so I consolidated files and unclogged the drives. By the end of that, it was time to pick up William and I got nothing done on the dance work. I'll need to hit the edit room hard next week.

Last night I watched the first two episodes of this season of Heroes. They are obviously very confident with the show as it starts really slow. My only observation is about the lack of difference between people supposedly from different parts of the country. The girl from Texas is supposed to be trying to blend in and not get noticed in southern California. Since I can hear the difference between how people talk in Ontario versus Manitoba, I have a hard time believing that no one notices that she's from Texas. However, the characters seem to have fallen under the generic north American accent deceit.

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