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Sunday, October 28, 2007


After the radio station last night, neither of us slept well. I couldn't initially sleep so I went down stairs to read on the couch were I did dose but woke at 4:30 feeling worse. I had a version of a migraine come on, but with no aura, but just the pain for many hours. I told Margaret at about 8 am because I couldn't remember where I kept my drugs. See found them (I forgot to ask where they were) and made the decision to get extra help. Her mother drove her to work and William to swimming, allowing me to try to sleep it off, and by noon I could remember how to talk properly again. I'm reminded of a video Chrystene Ells creatd the other day that simulated what she sees when she has a migraine. It's the most horrible thing I've ever seen, I've suggested that she show it on a big screen in front of lots of people.

My sister Sharon and nephew Chris are in town, I'd not expected them. Missed Artist Trading Cards to hang out with them today as we'd been invited to Christina Stojanova's for a delightful party this evening. Our next door neighbour is also having a loud party tonight, mostly confined to his new and well insulated garage, so we barely hear the live band!

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