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Saturday, October 6, 2007


I had a strangely energetic day today but, since Margaret injured a toe with a falling stool a couple of days ago, I stayed home and tidied. It was oddly satisfying to get junk that has piled up in various corners and put things elsewhere. I had a big box of cassette tapes in my studio in desperate need of purging so I threw out about 50 or 100 of them. I was going to donate them to CJTR, but am still very angry at their station manager, Keith Calhoon, for yelling at Margaret and canceling her radio show last week. No donations for them this year.

Last night, in my week long quest to catch up on new tv, I watched the first two episodes of "Moonlight" about a 90 year old vampire private eye. Wasn't there a vampire cop tv show back in the 80s or 90s? I will probably remember the title of it as soon as I post this (you know how that goes) even though I never watched a complete episode of it as it suffered from bad-80s-night-shooting-look-itus, and that is too painful for me. Couldn't watch much of the Flash tv series when I booked out the dvds a few weeks ago for the same reason. The scripts weren't bad (although not particularly good) but the show seemed quickly put together and there was no distinctive visual style and there was very little chemistry between any of the characters. I decided to record it when I saw that one of the actors from "Veronica Mars", Jason Dohring, who plays a 300 year old vampire with the same cocky self centred-ness as his Mars character. He is worth it, but was only on screen for 2-3 minutes per episode.

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Unknown said...

Yeah, I haven't been wowed much by Moonlight. The other show you were thinking of was Forever Night.