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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Halloween today, I created my annual film loop for the neighbourhood. This time I had some black and white negative images of insects and instead of the regular screen, I created a large ghost and shone onto it, so that the ghost becomes a mass of bugs. Pictured here, just before sunset, the projection is not yet evident. William is a dinosaur, a pterodactyl to be precise, and I am wearing the cloak that Dawn Henderson gave me many years ago. He got a lot of candy, there weren't many kids (we got 30) even though the weather was perfect (no snow or rain or even much wind with temperatures a few degrees above normal). Margaret did a phone interview with CBC radio and will likely be on tomorrow morning sometime regarding the cancellation of her community radio show. There is also a petition going around regarding it.

1 comment:

Chrystene said...

Wow! CBC? That's great! Where's the petition? I got an itchy pen...

Oh, and the buggy ghost looks cool!