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Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Pumpkins outside of Victoria.

Had a bad computer day. The small job of sending off a dvd to Larissa Fan turned into a morning of nothing working right. Adobe Encore was giving me an "unknown error" every time I tried to save my session and would not burn the disc without the session being saved. I exported a quicktime out of Avid to take home only to find that my rudimentary software here will not handle quicktimes. I was finally going to go back to the office when I got a message from Larissa saying that the ROM screenings pushed back a week and that the quicktime file would work for her.
And I still didn't get the nap I wanted.

Went grocery shopping (it's the first Tuesday of the month) and there was a 40-something woman in almost heated debate with a 80-something man about some accident in the parking lot. What I learned from a teller later was that the old guy had backed his car into hers in the parking lot - she wasn't in it, she was shopping - and locked bumpers with her. He then put his car into forward and tried to pull away but was stuck. He raced his car quite fast and burned away parts of his tire, leaving actual physical parts lying on the ground as black smoke rose in the air. Eventually he gave up trying to escape and came into the store for help. He was doubting that he had created over $1000 damage.

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