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Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Happy New Year. Active day today, the car died last night so we had to get a new battery for it today. Margaret worked in the afternoon and William and I ate lunch at A&W, got some dipping fruit for tonight, and I paid all my bills. William put together a fairly complicated Batman Lego set by himself today, just following the instructions. He wanted to call Paul for help (as I needed a bit of time to catch up on other stuff) so I gave him the phone number. I heard him beginning to dial but then stop for a long pause before calling me and asking "How do you dial the hyphen?".
So I may have mentioned that the time registered on this blog is in west coast time, it is two hours later than that here. The new year came in relatively sober (not completely sober of course). I picked up the new Abbey & Mayor of Carcassonne expansion so William, Margaret, Paul and I played. Instead of two hours, it took about four. We concluded just a few minutes before midnight, then had some Henkell wine, some chocolate fondue, and we roasted some chestnuts in the oven. The nuts were mixed, some tasted nice but others were bland or bitter. The web site warned to be careful in picking them, but doesn't explain how to do that. William was up until at least 1am. I imagine he'll be a wreck tomorrow, but I've been wrong about this sort of thing before. Good night all. See in 08.

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