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Monday, January 7, 2008


Earlier today Kevin and I were talking about what kinds of movies we like. It seems that my tastes have become extremely eclectic as I like action and drama and comedy, old and new, big budget and low. What I ended up talking about was tv; I have been enjoying the way a story unfolds over 6 or 12 or 24 hours, rather than the limitations of a two hour film. Of course I'm not talking about older tv, which certainly has its charms but is crippled by the inter-episode amnesia where character development is non-existent. I just finished watching the first box of the last season of The Supranos, which was a real page turner, I just can't help wanting to watch more and more episodes. The other thing that he and I hadn't talked about was watching films with kids. It is a real pleasure to watch films with William, seeing things through his eyes, and explaining stuff to him. Sound of Music required explanations of nuns and nazis. More importantly, I found him singing the songs today, he was listening and loving it.

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