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Saturday, January 19, 2008


William is back in swimming lessons. Today he just wasn't in the groove, wanted to cling to the side instead of trying. I can't think of any way to motivate him in this, he's nearly impossible to threaten or to bribe, and the social aspect of it (your friends will be able to but you won't) doesn't carry much weight either. The few strategies I have to motivate him are not particularly useful when it comes to lessons. I think if he had private lessons, he would respond well. He likes one-on-one attention from teachers. However, this is a path I don't want to go down, both for financial as well as "spoiling" reasons. It's impossible to be mad at him though, this evening he read another Syd Hoff book (Thunderhoof) to me, when I hear his voice reading I forgive him anything.

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