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Monday, January 14, 2008


I've managed two videos in two weeks! See the sequel to last week's epic, my first pure fiction in some time. I want to point out that it is fiction since so much of what I write and what I put in my film is either past partially or completely on my own life (except for work that is completely abstract or about zombies or alien invasions). The confusion will certainly be emphasized by the fact that I refer to myself as "Gerald", which happens to be my name. It just sort of happened. I've never really liked my name, but the words went onto paper that way, and that was that. Some of you will assume that "She" is Margaret, but she isn't. The storyline is about a crumbling relationship, and Margaret and I are doing fine. I will be trying to fine journals that I wrote during previous break ups to see if I can mine them for stories, but Margaret and I have been together since 1991 and so the journals i refer to are festering at the bottom of a drawer or box somewhere and I am uncomfortable with the idea of dusting them off. Anyway, the new video, "She Said, During Buffy the Vampire Slayer" can be seen on Youtube: here.

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