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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


We had a Filmpool Board meeting today. It went fine,the policy book is one meeting away from being done. I forgot my notes and in mid meeting, with a dire feeling that I had something to say but the paper in front of me just wasn't talking to me, I called home and Margaret read my notes off my copy by the bed. One of the areas we are working on it policy regarding grievances. In our first draft we only acknowledge problems between staff or staff and Board. However, I suggested we must recognise problems that might arise between members and staff or members and Board. It then hearkens back to the fact that Margaret was offered no recourse in the bullying she underwent from Keith Calhoun at CJTR radio where she had been a member and volunteer for three years. Without policy, their Board has just swept it under the carpet. Calhoon has cancelled at least one more show since then and at least one Board member from CJTR has resigned over their pigheaded behavior. The names of the CJTR puppet Board are still not available on their website. Margaret's show, which aired for an hour on two days of the week, is still not replaced (after 3 months) and continues to be filled with randomly selected music.

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